Sectigo DV Positive SSL


The Sectigo (formerly Comodo CA) PositiveSSL is one of most popular Domain validation SSL certificate in the World. It is a 2048-bit industry standard product with support of both RSA and ECC hash algorithms for a very low price. PositiveSSL comes with a green lock on the address line that helps customers to understand that their data are encrypted and kept private with a trusted SSL certificate. There is no any other so good SSL for small websites, start-ups, and other environmental protection.

Sectigo DV Positive SSL Wildcard


The Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard SSL is a very accessible product for a low-cost price. High 256-bit protection with SHA2 hash algorithm makes it competitive with major market players. It has great 99.6% browser compatibility with excellent mobile device support. Choose that SSL when need immediate protection right here right now.

Sectigo DV Positive SSL Multi-Domain

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PositiveSSL Multi-Domain SSL is one of the most popular in the World with an excellent MS Exchange compatibility. PositiveSSL UCC/SAN SSL comes with high-quality protection and very brief issuance period. The 256-bit encryption level certificate also has complete browser compatibility and issued within just three minutes. Each SSL certificate has one primary domain (common name) and two additional SAN; it is allowed to add up to 250 additional SAN domains for an extra price.

Sectigo DV Positive SSL Multi-Domain Wildcard

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Sectigo PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL certificate is a very unique product allowing to protect multiple domains with unlimited sub-domains. Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL from Sectigo (Comodo CA) was the first SSL with full support for SAN and Wildcard option. Now it is possible to secure unlimited sub-domains under different domain names with the same SSL. By default, SSL comes with one common name (CSR) and 2 SAN items.

Sectigo OV SSL Multi-Domain SSL

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Sectigo Multi-Domain SSL with Business validation suits needs if it requires securing more than one corporate domain name at once, as it secures up to 250 different domain names and subdomains. No more need to manage multiple single domains SSL, no more multiple painful installation processes and tons of expiration reminders.

Sectigo OV UCC Multi-Domain SSL

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Sectigo UCC OV SSL is a Business validation certificate was created to protect multiple domains, sub-domains or regional websites with RSA and ECC algorithms. It has perfect compatibility with most well-known Exchange servers/platforms. SSL comes with one domain name from the CSR code and 2 extra SAN items. Each SAN item can be used to for domain OR sub-domain.

Sectigo Code Signing SSL


There is a vast difference between purchase software in a physical store and over the Internet. The source code is original when software comes from a store with original CD/DVD or USB card. The problem occurs when downloading software via The Internet the source code not verified and some additional code lines with malware may appear, so not easy to trust it. Malicious third parties modify products and re-host software over the Internet. Sectigo Code Signing SSL certificate removes any risks and immediately inform customers that the software is safe, and the developer verifies code integrity.